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Free Gbagbo to give peace a chance !

News en temps réel - Claude B Djaquis le Jeudi 13 Juin 2013 à 02:39 | Lu 726 fois

Free Gbagbo to give peace a chance!

Free Gbagbo to give peace a chance !
As I embark on this column I look back at the cackling coven of cloaked ICC judges, and can only wonder what on earth it must take to convince them that the flimsy case of Fatou Ben Souda versus President Laurent Gbagbo was botched from day one.

3000 people were killed as the UN reported after the chaos of post electoral Ivory Coast but there was never a single ballistic evidence, nor was there a single ambulance log from, to the very least, a pro-Ouattara stronghold such as the neighbourhood of Abobo. 3000 people were killed but not a single mortuary log was located in support of any such carnage.

The UN blue helmets and the French army who openly fought alongside the stooges from ECOWAS in their bid to bring down Mr Gbagbo were never reliable enough to provide credible evidence on behalf of the victims.

All the prosecution had to show for were a bunch of bias press clippings and dozens of uncorroborated NGO reports that Mr Gbagbo had a plan to kill, rape and torture his own people on the basis of their ethnicity and political affiliation. The world was led to believe that Mr Gbagbo was an indirect co-author of a “genocide” that supposedly took place after the 2010 elections.

In a logical thinking setting the case should have been thrown out of court as soon as the prosecution dared to brandish as evidenciary submission, video footages of crimes unrelated to the Ivorian crisis. Instead, we all watched in dismay as hours of testimony were read by ill-advised counsels, in a litany of half-truths and hearsay during an audience of that magnitude.

We have been bamboozled and hoodwinked by an incompetent prosecutor in a trial without merit. Mrs Ben Souda and her cohort of liars have brought the International Criminal into disrupt, therefore they should promptly be stripped of their credentials.

Why should the Court allocate them more time to investigate a dossier bound to fail, for it took them two years to collect a pile of “rubbish” as the defence initially stated.

The ICC is subsidised by the UN, which is a body that prides itself in championing reason but this time around the fact of the matter is, its failure is a grotesque miscarriage of justice.

President Gbagbo should be freed immediately to grant Ivory Coast the peace and reconciliation needed on the road to recovery

Claude B.Djaquis

Claude B Djaquis
Jeudi 13 Juin 2013
Vu (s) 726 fois

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